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FID - Final Report From Group 5


First of all, Our group would like to say Alhamdulillah, for giving us the strength and health to do be able to learn Food Innovation Design and finished this final report for this subject. Not to be forgotten, we would like to thank to our family and parents for providing everything, such as money, to support on our University studies. They also supported each of us and encouraged to complete this task so that we will not procrastinate in doing it.

Then our group would like to thank our class lecturer,  Chef Zaid bin Abdul Razak for guiding us all and my classmates throughout this semester in this subject. We had some difficulties in doing this task, but our Chef taught us patiently until we knew what to do

Last but not least, We would like to thanks to our friends who were doing this wth us. They were helpful that when we combined and discussed together.


As we can see nowadays, Squids tend to become one of the main delicacy in almost every seafood restaurant in Malaysia and being in Malaysia, Squids are commonly being ordered by consumer from variety of races and with the squids being commonly ordered. Our group decided to take Squids and making it to become our primary ingredients for us to test and experiment it to people by adding new recipe for the Squids.


Our group decided to create a new recipe using Squids as our primary ingredients and Breading the squids with some bread crumbs and not to mention before adding the crumbs, we will be adding special Sambal Tumis Sauce with Prawn to be stuffed in the Squid. We believe that with our newly formed recipe for Squids will be a gigantic hit when people taste it and to be sure that this will become a hit for a squid recipe. The group will be testing out our own food product to random consumer and these are our report after we have served for more than 50 random food testers in our college.


Before we start on our report, we would like to elaborate on what are we doing first. About FID, Food Innovation Design subject is whereby Students are required to do an experiement on certain Ingredients and try to market it and to do so, we are forced to brainstorm ideas on what are we going to do with our primary ingredient which is as you already know, Squids. Class after classes, our group finally come up with the best conclusion of our next ingredients to stuffed in the squid and it was the Sambal Tumis Sauce with Prawn. Here are some of the experiments that we tried on the Squids before we finally come up with the Sambal Tumis Sauce.

Our first attempt was adding Black Pepper Mushroom Sauce for the filling and coat it with breadcrumbs and another one was just steam it. Both results turns out pretty okay at first but then we found out that steaming it wasn't a good idea with a filling like that. The breaded squids passed our first impression.
The following week we tried out on adding Watermellon Cubes coated with Caramel for the filling for our squids. It was a recipe for disaster for making it and then we tried on stuffing the squid with crabmeat and butterprawn. The butterpawn passed our satisfaction but the crabmeat did not. Both we're coated with springroll wrap.

On to our third week of the experiment, this is the moment where miracle happened because somehow we received some random ingredients from our Chef. Everyone went blur that moment for what are we going to do next because we already used up all our proposal's ingredients, then came up with an idea of making Sambal Tumis for the stuffing and add some capcicum and prawns inside the sauce. Everyone agreed on the random idea and so we head on making our preparation or Mise en Place for the stuffing.

We head on continuing to cook the sambal tumis sauce and when the sauce is done. It was a masterpiece, the taste of the sauce was incredible and in that moment everyone of us knew that this is our killer product, this is the one that will take up the market. Our Stuffed Squids will be a hit on our Food Testing Day!




The Mise-en-Place

Before the event starts, we started off with getting our Mise-en-Place first. Next off we head on preparing the Squids by cleaning their insides. Iskandar was incharge for the removing the prawn skins while Alhadi was incharge on removing the Squids' skin and insides and to fasten up our pace and Syazwan and Syauqei was incharge on preparing the ingredients for the Sambal Tumis Sauce. So we have 2 groups performing at the moment. It was sloppy at first but we manage to keep on our pace.

 Iskandar Removing Prawn Skins during Mise-en-Place
Alhadi Removing the Squid Skins and insides
Syauqei on Preparing the Sambal Tumis Sauce
Syazwan Preparing the Dried Chillis for the Sambal Tumis Sauce
 Syazwan Cutting the dried chillis
 Syauqei on preparing the Tumis
The Busy Group 5 on Action !

The Sauce

With both teams finished with our Mise-en-Place in a short period due to our good timing and planning. We head on continuing first on cooking the Sambal Tumis Sauce.

 Group 5 Starting on making the Sambal Tumis Sauce
 Syauqei and Iskandar Discussing 
on our next move for the presentation
 Alhadi on preparing the Tamarind water 
to be added on the Sauce
 Group 5 Slowly pouring in our
Sambal tumis mix to be cook
Alhadi cleaning the used bowl to 
shorten the day job of cleaning
 Our Sambal Tumis Sauce with Prawn 
are almost ready
 ...and with a little touchup from Syauqei for the sauce
here be the finished Sambal Tumis Sauce with Prawn


Finally our Sambal Tumis Sauce is finished and ready to be stuffed into our Cleaned Squids. Now Syazwan are stuffing our Sambal into the Squids and Syauqei breaded the stuffed squids with bread crumbs while Iskandar is heating up the hot pot of oil to deep fried them. Alhadi currently doing his next task which is Fruit Carving for our presentation table.

 Syazwan Stuffing the squids with our Sambal
 Syauqei Breading the stuffed squids
 Iskandar waiting for the breaded stuffed squids 
from Syauqei to be deep fried
Alhadi busy carving for our presentation table
Our Beautifully Cooked Breaded Stuffed Squid


Our group finally finished preparing the food. Now it's time for the table to present. We we're sent to find one table to present and we finally have one. Now we head on decorating our table with table cloths, and flowers. Then we head on putting our squids in an oval plate and carefully place them in good order and shape. Then we sent the oval plate with our stuffed squid to our ready-presentable table. Finally we add Alhadi's Fruit carving on each of the plates to make it color prettier. We also borrowed a clay chef figure from the cafe and a small basket of flower to decorate our table.

 Almost Ready to present
Our table before we borrowed
the small basket of flowers

The Event Starts

Syazwan and Alhadi had to go back to the kitchen to prepare and cook some few more loads just incase if we already finished our first load on the table. Now the event has finally begun, it starts out with small amount of people coming into our table and each of them asked us what is this and what's inside of it. We told them that it's our Breaded Stuffed Squid with Prawn Sambal Tumis Sauce inside. 

Most of them looked on us with a weird face because they're quite shocked that we made this. Most of them tried out our products and alot of them gives positive face reactions. Then we gave them these small sheet of evaluation comments on our food product that we made for them to fill in. We asked them to be honest to themselves and they did. We didnt bother to check each of their evaluation comments during that time because we want to focus on our next food testers so they can received a good smile from our faces. 

As our first food about to finished, Syazwan came up and brought us another load of the stuffed squids. When we swapped the empty plates, there are already more than 35 people that already tasted our product. This shows that our product is doing well with most of the customers. Some even give us a good response while they were chewing the squids.

Problem Faced

To be honest, During the whole event, our group did not met any problem at all beside that during the event, our group photographer didn't came and visit us so we are very very lack of pictures during the event. Beside that , there is none. All went according to plan.


Roughly after more than an hour. Our product finally finished and we manage to finish all our 50 evaluation comments sheet from each of our food tester. We may finally rejoiced because during the event, it was very hectic and chaotic in my opinion but we manage to pull it through. we head out to have a little rest with other group members talking about how we're they doing and talk about are they tired or not (isn't it obvious?).

After that we head back in and start wrap it up our table to clear and clean it for the next section to be used. After cleaning our table and our pots and pans and bowl in the kitchen, our Chef called us to the cafe where the event was held earlier that day to have a small briefing.

After several minutes we talked about the events and our Chef explains on the report due date and he apologizes to us if he ever offended anyone throughout the classes throughout the January 2011 semester. After that we have a camera session where we capture pictures of ourselves with classmates and lecturer Chef Zaid.

 Resting outside, Iskandar being tired after the event
also featuring Syuk from Section 2
Syauqei and Iskandar having some "Oxygen"
featuring Syuk from Section 2
 Alhadi's tired face with Syauqei sitting beside him
 Chef Zaid's Briefing and talk to the students
Classmates listening to what Chef Zaid brief about
 Camera Shooting with Fellow Classmates
after the briefing
Group 5 with Chef Zaid
The happy classmate faces when all of us
Pull it through the Event


To conclude on this Subject. I can say that this subject taught us many things ranging from Brainstorming, learning what happens if we add more ingredient or what happen if we add less ingredients. Who could imagine that all of these are important in Culinary Arts for making food and even drinks. Also we learned to create our own food product from Food Innovation Design. Who would have thought that we who never had been practical before be able to create our own food product. 

As for our group, I would like to thank to each and everyone of you for your cooporation for the brainstorming ideas to the mise en place helping to the cooking helping and teaching to the end of the event. Without you guys, Group 5 would've failed since day 1.


Chef Zaid bin Abdul Razak - Lecturer and Guidance since day 1


Here are the Result after 50 people's Evaluation comments 
and all compiled together to make the best conclusion from them

 Best Comments Received after 50 people's Evaluation

Worst Comments Received after 50 People's Evaluation

 Market Sales after 50 People Evaluate

with this, This concludes that there are roughly 
80% Students 10% staff and 10% outsider 
that came on the Event

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