Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FID Prososal - Stuffed Squid Week 3

FID Proposal
Stuffed Squid Week 3

Sambal Tumis Sauce Filling

Shuffle or Boogie Everyone

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We already finished making all of our proposal's ingredients so we decided to do some more extra content. We decided to use Iskandar Mom's Sambal Tumis Sauce into our filling so less talking and more pictures and food!


Making Stuffed Squid delicious and edible to the customer through various experiments and test

Basic Ingredients - Stuffed Squid

Additional Ingredients

Our Group Task for Current Proposal

First of all we decided to start off our proposal with the Stuffed Squids. We made 3 types of menu and they we're Stuffed Squid with Black Pepper Mushroom Stuffing, Fruit and Vegetables Stuffing and Cheese stuffing. We cooked the stuffed squids with various method ranging from Deep Fried, Bake to Steaming.

The Mise En Place
Heere are the Ingredients that we're used to make all the 3 stuffed squids

These are the Ingredients that we used for
our third week on our stuffed squid

The Experiments

Here are some of the pictures during our experiment/class
Boiling up the dried chillis after the chilli seed
has been removed
 After the dried chilli has been boiled, we're going to blend it with
some of our ingredients like onion and other
 Pouring in the boiled chilli into the blender
 Preparing our ingredients for the next stage of cooking
 Cooking oil being heated up
 the blended chili poured into the pan
and being stirred
 Adee stirring the pre-sambal chilli
 Adee and Iskandar checking in what's our next
move to prepare the sambal chili sauce
 Joe helping Iskandar on making the Sambal Chilli
The Sambal Chilli is almost ready
 Joe on finalizing the Sambal Chilli Sauce
to be stuffed in our squids
 feat. Syuk and Group 5 stuffing in the sambal chilli sauce
into our squids
 Joe and Adee Stuffing in the Squids
 Most of the squids are already been stuffed
and Iskandar now Wrapping the stuffed squids
with Spring Roll Wrapper
 feat. Classmates watching Group 5 in Action
 Some of the Wrapped Stuffed Squids ready to be
Deep Fried
 The Finishing Product of this week's Stuffed Squid
 Group 5 with this week's Finishing Product
Group 5 with this week's Finishing Product

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